Having properly working musical equipment is important.

The following price guide details some of the more common repairs that come through the door.  Estimates are always free of charge, and an accurate quote can be given before any work is performed.

Setup – $70 (plus cost of strings)
Improves playability and tone. Includes electronics cleaning, body/neck cleaning and polish, tightening of hardware, restring, bridge/neck/nut adjustments for improved playability, action set to customer specs, intonated and tuned. Add $20 for Floating tremolo or 12-string.

Fret Re-dress – $150    Includes leveling/recrowning of all frets and set-up.
Recommended repair for worn or un-level frets with adequate height. Eliminates buzzing and improves tone, helpful for attaining “clean” low action.

Electronics diagnosis and repair – $60/hr (plus cost of materials)
Troubleshoot and fix an existing problem or upgrade hardware. Electronics cleaning, change pickups/pots/switches/jacks or their setup, re-solder weak connections, re-wire from scratch.

Install Acoustic Pickup – $80 (Baggs and Fishman) / $60 (K&K) / Electric swap $20 per Pickup

Vintage Pickup Rewind – $120 per coil 

Replace nut or bridge saddle – $60 (plus cost of materials)/ 12 string $75
Upgrade to bone, brass, or graphite. Cut from scratch. Finish touchup work is not included and quoted on a case by case basis. We can also save or re-seat an existing nut/saddle if possible.

Complete re-fret – $250.00 ($300 for bound fingerboards or maple necks)
Replace old, worn frets or change to a different fret gauge. Like having a new guitar! Includes: removal of old frets, plane and level and/or re-radius board, fret installation, level/crown/polish. Price includes your choice of fretwire, and setup. Partial re-frets quoted at $20/per fret. Maple fingerboard touchup is not included and quoted on a a case by case basis (if touchup is necessary).

Acoustic bridge re-glue – $80
Recommended repair for bridges lifting off of the soundboard. Bridge is scored and removed, planed, old glue removed, prep gluing area, re-glued with hot hide glue for improved tone and super-strong adhesion. Bridge plate repair or replacement quoted on a case by case basis.

Neck reset – $300-400
Recommended repair if neck angle has changed causing high or unplayable action (a common repair for vintage instruments carrying string tension for several decades). Includes: safe and clean removal of neck, clean dovetail or tenon, apply new neck angle at heel, shim and fit dovetail or tenon, create and color match fingerboard extension shim, re-glue neck into neck block or mortise (using hot hide glue for improved tone and super-strong adhesion), re-fret, setup. Finish touchup work is not included in price and quoted on a case by case basis.

We also repair loose or damaged braces, damaged or frozen truss rods, broken headstocks, basically any imaginable guitar repair. All other work is quoted at $60/hour.

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